Company Profile

Company Profile


Company Name



IKUO YAMASHITA, President and Representative Director

Main Business

Manufacturing & Sale of the Circular knit fabric for clothes

Establishment November 1934
Capital 50 million yen
Sales 5 billion yen
Employees 150
Location of Head Office

2878-1 Iwada, Kamitonda-cho, Nishimuro-gun,

Wakayama, JAPAN

TEL. +81-739-47-2128 / FAX. +81-739-47-2744



July 1934

Started as a circular knit fabric maker of the private company at Mikazura, Wakayama-shi by grandfather (the late Yoichiro Yamashita) and father (the late Eiichi Yamashita) of the current president.

1964 KIWA KNIT CO., LTD. (current YAMAYO JERSEY CO., LTD.) split-up.
November 1970

Established the new company of YAMAYO TEXTILE CO., LTD.
Reached the capital stock to 40 million yen.
Transferred the right of business & machines to the new company.

The late Eiichi Yamashita became the President and Representative Director.
November 1970 Kinan factory (current Head office) was established, and started operating.
May 1983 Increased the capital stock to 50 million yen.
March 1992 Received a Prize of Smaller Enterprise Agency’s Director as a result of the improvement of business operations.
June 1992 Ikuo Yamashita became the President and Representative Director.
August 1994 Integrated to aim for the rationalization of the Head office factory, and new factory was established.
April 2000

Transferred the Head office from Wakayama-shi to Kamitonda-cho

December 2015

The third warehouse was established with the business expansion

December 2017

Selected as "Companies Driving Regional Growth" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


Completed the development office building in the main office.

Introduction of the office


Head office

Head office

Location: 2878-1 Iwada, Kamitonda-cho,
Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama, JAPAN
TEL.: +81-739-47-2128

Head office is located in Kamitonda-cho, which is the gate of the world heritage of the “Kumano Kodo Street”. Many worshippers have been walked this “Kumano Kodo Street” from ancient times. It takes about 30 minutes by car from the Nankishirahama Airport.
There are 11 twisting textured machines, and 130 circular knitting machines. They are operating 24 hours as a production base from twisting textured of the raw yarn to the production of the circular knit fabric consistently.

We have a wide variety of knitting machines in order to respond to many kinds of needs from the customers. We are developing and manufacturing the materials which have high quality and diversity from this place like a secret base to the world.

Wakayama factory

Wakayama factory

Location: 97-1 Mikazura,
Wakayama-shi, JAPAN
TEL.: +81-73-444-1156

Mikazura, Wakayama shi, is the birthplace of the knitting fabric production in Wakayama, and still being the center of the production today. It can look up the Kimii-dera temple from this place, which is the 2nd temple of the Saigoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage. Wakayama factory is producing the circular knit fabric. The cotton yarn is mainly used, but many kinds of the other materials are also used.
55 circular knitting machines are operating 24 hours, and Wakayama factory has the production system which is capable of small and a wide variety of productions as well as the large productions.
The development section was created in 2015. They propose the original products, they also develop the products in collaborate with the customers in order to respond to many kinds of customer’s requests.

Osaka office

Osaka office

Location: 1-2-16 Edobori, Nishiku.
Osaka-shi, JAPAN
TEL.: +81-6-6459-1171

Osaka office is located close to the Higobashi station of the Yotsubashi Line of the Osaka Municipal Subway. Higobashi station is close to the center of the textile industry in Osaka, and is located south of the JR Osaka station.
Osaka office is mainly handling the dyed fabric. We propose/sell the products which is excellent in fashion/function to both domestic and overseas markets.

We will strengthen the sales of the dyed fabric much more in the future, and we will play a role as a frontline base of the YAMAYO TEXILE by taking advantage of the Osaka location, which is close to the market and has rich information.






We serve as an official partner of “Kishu-kuchikumano marathon”. More than 5,000 people visit Kamitonda-cho from all over Japan for this “Kishu-kuchikumano marathon”. Our staff also take part in this marathon as runners and volunteers. In addition, we help many other sports events in Wakayama prefecture.


We accept the factory tour from the local primary school children to the high school students and internship every year. We would like to hand down to the children who bear the future that Wakayama is the No.1 circular knit fabric production place in Japan, and greatness / pride of the manufacturing as well. This is the wish of YAMAYO TEXTILE.